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Holiday Deadlines

Grand Final Friday

The Friday before the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final was declared a public
holiday and published in Special Gazette S229 dated 19 August 2015. The 2017 public
holiday will fall on Friday 29 September 2017.

Please Note: this office will be closed on Friday 29 September 2017.
The Victoria Government Gazette (General) for GRAND FINAL FRIDAY week (G40/17) will be published on:
Thursday 5 October 2017
Copy deadlines:
Private Advertisements 9.30 am on Monday 2 October 2017
Government and Outer Budget Sector Agencies Notices 9.30 am on Tuesday 3 October 2017
Office Hours:
The Victoria Government Gazette Office is open during normal office hours over the holiday period, i.e. 8.30 am to
5.30 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
Where urgent gazettal is required after hours, arrangements should be made with the Government Gazette Officer on
0419 327 321.
Government Gazette Officer