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Victoria Government Gazette

About Us

Welcome to the official website of the Victoria Government Gazette. The Gazette is published by IVE Group Limited, under authority of the Victoria Government Printer.

The Victoria Government Gazette provides official notification of decisions or actions taken by, or information from, the Governor of Victoria, Government authorities, Government Departments, local councils, companies and individuals.

In general the notices published fall into the following categories:

Private Notices

  • Dissolution of partnerships
  • Creditors notices
  • Sales by the Sheriff

Proclamations by the Governor

  • Acts of Parliament
  • Commencement of Acts

Government & Outer Budget Sector Agencies Section

  • Council Notices, road discontinuances and local laws
  • Council Planning Scheme Amendments
  • State Trustees
  • Exemptions (by VCAT)
  • Sales of Crown Land
  • Acts & notices required under particular Acts
  • Infrastructure (Departmental notices of Planning Scheme Amendments)

Orders in Council

  • Orders signed by the Governor in Council

Making of Statutory Rules
Statutory Rules becoming available

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